Text: Bogusław Janiszewski

Illustrations: Max Skorwider


64 pages


29,7 x  21 cm




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Should you talk to children about complicated topics: such as wars, revolutions, and disasters?

How is a child supposed to function in a world where we all, directly or indirectly, experience situations that require an adult’s comment at every step?

Fortunately, in addition to media news, there are also books. After „Walls”, „Revolutions” and „Wars” by the duo Boguś Janiszewski and Max Skorwider, it’s time to deal with disasters. The authors describe the effects, course and consequences of both natural and self-inflicted disasters. They argue that people are masters of disaster and can destroy everything suddenly and irreversibly. We burn, we kill, we devastate. The book is a reflection on the role of man in the world, his wisdom, thanks to which he can predict natural disasters and fight their consequences, as well as the role he plays in the destruction of our planet.