Text: Boguś Janiszewski

llustrations: Max Skorwider



64 pages


29,7 x 21 cm


Rights sold: Germany


English translation sample available.

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What is the revolution? A revolution is an action taken by humans which may result in profound changes.

Why do we need revolutions? Change is the keyword here.

It is a challenging job to be revolutionary.  It takes a lot of courage to think differently from other people. It also takes lots of strength not to blurt out about the revolution; the right thing is to conduct it.

There are different types of revolutions – their temperaments and modes of operation can vary. They also have many things in common. Sometimes one cannot exist without the other.

This revolutionary topic, where historical facts, important figures, dates, and places are mixed up, has been softened by the playful plain language and the author’s sense of humor. Between the social, scientific, technological, philosophical, cultural or climatic revolution, we will find the hormonal and even gastric and viral ones!