Text: Bogusław Janiszewski

Illustrations: Max Skorwider



56 pages


29,7 x  21 cm


 Rights sold: Sweden, Germany





Let’s remember that wherever there is a wall, people try to conquer it or run away from behind it. And this has not changed for thousands of years.

A book about walls? You need great talent to write and illustrate a children’s book on a subject that seems to arouse little interest of a young reader.

The authors chose over a a dozen of well and less known walls built by people. We can learn the specifications of each of it: when and why it was raised, its dimensions and even the material used for it’s construction.

On each page, apart from interesting information resulting from the content of the book, we find the illustration, which is also a kind of puzzle for the inquisitive readers. Newspaper characters, politicians, writers, musicians mixt with characters known from fiction, iconic films and comics.

The book „Walls” raises a very important social problem.

It would seem that in the era of globalization and universal access to the latest technologies that allows to overcome great distances in a short time and to convey ideas, thoughts and values, the institution of the boundary wall is archaic. But it’s hard not to notice that the walls are still being raised.

In fact, the walls are still popular today. Only… Once, behind the walls, the weaker hid from the stronger, and today – the richer from the poorer.

The authors would like the reader to answer a the question: Do I prefer want to build bridges or build walls?