Text: Agata Loth-Ignaciuk

Illustration: Bartek Ignaciuk


88 pages


21 x 27,2 cm

(Druga Noga)

Rights sold: German, Chinese simplified, Ukrainian, Spanish



Nomination for the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis 2023








Marek Kamiński was the first polar explorer in the world who reached both poles of Earth within one year.

It has just been 25 years since that exploit.

This book will enable readers to learn what expeditions to the North and South Pole have in common and how they are different. Is it easier to walk on skis through the Arctic Ocean, or through the coldest continent in the world?

Why, before the expedition, is it worthwhile to practice swimming in a jacket and wearing skis, sleeping In a tent in your backyard, and running around the forest, pulling tires behind you?

What should you pack for a ride in a snow sled and what should you leave behind?

How do you get through crevasses, climb toroses, and jump from one ice float to another? How do you tell apart a magnetic pole from a geographical pole, and how do you not get lost in a thick fog?

The book shows life in extreme and little-known regions of the Arctic and the Antarctic. It encourages young readers not only to discover the world but also to persevere in pursuing dreams.