Text: UrszulaMłodnicka-Kornaś

Illustrations: Agnieszka Waligóra



160 pages


20 x 22,5 cm


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The best-selling series in Poland! 


Be yourself, Pink! A book about assertiveness and setting boundaries for children and for parents a little bit too.


– This is Pink. Hi, Pink!

– Hi.

– Pink is…

– Can you stop talking about me? Please.

– Okay, I’ll stop. I can see it makes you angry.

Pink, a little blue creature with one ear round and the other triangular, feels that he won’t be able to stand it. Another moment and something inside him will scream very loudly: I don’t want this! I want to talk about myself.

The need to DECIDE about oneself, TALK ABOUT oneself, and the ability to say YES or NO when one wants to say YES or NO is the ASSERTIVE NESS.  that children and Pink can learn.

Help Pink and young readers learn this beneficial skill and become more independent!