Text: Agata Loth-Ignaciuk

Illustration: Bartek Ignaciuk



88 pages


21 x 27,2 cm

(Druga Noga)

Rights sold: Germany, Spain, Italy, China, Korea, Ukraine, Russia

English translation sample available


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Aleksander Doba. How to cross the Atlantic by kayak? is a fascinating story of kayak expeditions across the ocean by Aleksander Doba, who is the first man to cross the Atlantic by kayak and a Traveler of the Year by National Geographic Magazine.

A story of will, courage and perseverance.
How does one plan a trans-Atlantic kayak expedition?
Is an ocean-going kayak made from rubber? ? What does one pack for a few months on the sea? What is a  desalinator? Can you sleep well on the ocean? Did Alexander Doba eat anything but fish for 140 days?

The book illustrates a truly remarkable kayak trip and delivers a terrific amount of knowledge and information about the Atlantic Ocean, together with lots of interesting facts about the life of the traveller.

However, above all else, it encourages young readers to explore the world, to persevere and to realize their dreams.

The whole book, is accompanied by beautiful and detailed illustrations created by Bartek Ignaciuk.



Resultado de imagen de kajakiem przez atlantyk druganoga