Text:  Justyna Bednarek

Illustrations:  Daniel de Latour



160 pages


16,5 x 23,5 cm

(Poradnia K)

Options: Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Greece, Bulgaria, Russia


The Book of the Year 2020 by IBBY Polish section



Detective Pinkerton is back! One of the main protagonists of „The Gang of the Black Frotté” has now an important job: he works as a phone case for little Be.

He appreciates it a lot, but sometimes he gets a little bit bored …

One time something unexpected happens – Zbigniew, a talkative parrot who lives in an antique cage in the living room, disappears. The only clue is a small green feather on the floor. Pinkerton is eagerly starting the investigation. Nothing can hide from him! Where will the trace lead him?