Text: Patrycja Południkiewicz- Kędzior

Illustrations:  Zuzanna Milewska



32 pages


21,6 x 21,8 cm

(Studio Koloru)


Bart is four years old, has light chocolate hair and the best mother in the world. Tender, sensitive, attentive to her son’s needs and her own. This is a story about how every mother needs sometimes to catch her breath, drink warm coffee and collect her thoughts. Just have a moment for yourself.
At a time when so much is said to mothers about self-care, little thought is given to how to explain this idea to children.
This book can be the first step in helping your little one understand what „me time” means and why both mothers and their children need it so much in everyday games and numerous adventures. The author interweaves extraordinary lessons of mutual understanding and support in the most valuable relationship – mother and child.