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Text: Boguś Janiszewski

Illustrations: Nikola Kucharska



144 pages


16,5 x 21,5 cm




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What happens in your body when fear is running high? That can be really scary!

When Antek’s mother enters his room with a vacuum cleaner, it becomes terrifying. Also for Dustus, whose greatest nightmare may soon come true. And for Antek, who is one step away from losing his friend. The boy offers Dustus a trip to the interior of the anxiety-ridden body. There, Captain Alina Adrenalina and General Korti have already taken command… What does this mean for the human and the fantastic creature? How can we recognize that we are consumed by fear and how to deal with it?

Dustus series is a daring combination of a comic book and a traditional story that helps young readers understand how the body works and what to do to keep it in the best possible condition.

Dare to read this book to stop being afraid!