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Text: Boguś Janiszewski

Illustrations: Nikola Kucharska



144 pages


16,5 x 21,5 cm




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What goes on in your body? Grab your loose screw and jump in!

It’s very annoying when you go to bed and can’t fall asleep… Tony is tossing and turning, wriggling and jiggling, and nothing! By chance, he discovers that there is a suspicious creature living under his bed, all made of… dust. Dustus turns out to be a pretty cool guy; what’s more – he actually knows how to help Tony. When they both move inside the boy’s body, things get interesting. And this is just the beginning of the adventure!

Dustus. Where Did Sleep Go? is a daring combination of comics and traditional storytelling. The book was created jointly by Boguś Janiszewski and Nikola Kucharska. He specialises in introducing children to topics where adults usually miss the boat. Her illustrations are explicit and tip-top! This is the first volume of a series about Tony and Dustus, intended to help young readers understand how the body works and what they should do to make it work at its best.