Text: Monika Milewska

Illustrations: Katarzyna Walentynowicz


36 pages


21 x 21 cm



Silence and Noise. Which of them appeals to us more strongly?

Noise is loud and colourful. Cheeky and confident. Silence still gives way to him. But maybe it’s the one worth trusting? Maybe it has something important to tell us? So let’s listen to its delicate whisper… just stop for a while and relax.

In Silence you can hear a lot – a growling belly, a ticking clock or the rustling of leaves, but can you hear the Silence itself? And where can you find it? In a block of flats? On the street? Or maybe among fields and forests?

We invite you to listen to Silence. It won’t be easy, because there is someone who doesn’t like it very much. It’s really loud and hard to get away from, especially in the city. It’s Noise.

Noise likes when something rings or plays when people shout, cars honk, dogs bark and neighbours listen to loud music. Then it feels important.

Today, no one doubts how important moments of Silence are. And even if children love Noise, Silence is what they really need.