Text: Alicja Dyrda, Natalia Fiedorczuk

Illustrations:  Aleksandra Gołębiewska



250 pages

145 x 205 cm


(Poradnia K)




The thrilling story of four children as they discover an alternate magical world full of strange creatures, terrifying dangers and flying books. The perfect proposition for fans of „The Chronicles of Narnia” by C.S.Lewis

Clara, Judith, David and John live in the same tenement house in Gdańsk. They like to run together around the alleys of the city and spend time by the Motława River. One day at the end of summer in 1939, they notice strange birds flying in and out of the building on Mariacka Street. One of them has a broken wing. Or maybe it’s not a bird, but a book with wings?

The children seek help from bookbinder Samuel. They meet his seven-year-old granddaughter Judith, who unexpectedly disappears behind a mysterious door in her grandfather’s studio. When the enchanted room also draws in John, Clara and David try to save them and… all four of them end up in a land that only writers and bookbinders endowed with special powers have heard of.

In the Land of Unwritten Books, children will meet many unusual creatures, fight a fire-breathing beast and experience a meeting with beings straight from a horror novel, but above all, they will save someone very important for the fate of this magical place. Meanwhile, war is raging in Gdańsk. Will the children hidden in the book world be safe there? Will they be able to return home?