Concept: Artur Gębka

Illustrations:  Agata Dudek



64 pages

16,5 x 23,5 cm



Rights sold: Korean



Nomination for The Best Book of 2023 by IBBY Polish section – illustrations category.


When did it first appear? Nobody knows for sure. At first, it stood next to the armchair, unobtrusively. From the beginning, Wojtek did not like it, but Dad… Dad stared at the bottle longer and more carefully until it started to grow.

An extremely suggestive story about being lost and unhelpful ways of dealing with problems that over time become a great burden for the whole family. It is also a story about hope. It shows that it is worth asking for help because only the discovery of what often remains hidden gives a chance for change. Using help, you can deal with the greatest difficulties and recover what is most valuable.