Text: Alicja Dyrda, Natalia Fiedorczuk

Illustrations:  Aleksandra Gołębiewska



28 pages

23,3 x 32,4 cm






The Naughty Books is a series of stories for children and adults that deal with myths about childhood.

Should a child always be obedient, eat everything on his plate and share his things?

Books without a clear moral, giving space for conversation and understanding needs, written in the spirit of Nonviolent Communication.



The Dragon – Tytus is Antek’s best friend. But today it is difficult for the boys to understand each other because Antek does not want to share his new costume. Does that mean he’s naughty?

The Troublemaker – A story about the fact that everyone (both children and adults) has the right to decide about their bodies. Antek doesn’t like kissing and hugging people he doesn’t know. Does it mean he’s naughty?

The Broth – Grandma’s broth is the best soup in the world, but not today, when … it was sprinkled with parsley. Antek doesn’t want to eat it. Does that mean he’s naughty?

The Mud – Jadzia is Antek’s new friend. Climbs trees and jumps in puddles. Does that mean she’s naughty?

The Brithday Cake – Tytus, Antek’s best friend, does not treat him well when he receives an invitation to his birthday. He claims he’s had much better party himself – with a magician and tricks. Antek is upset and calls Tytus stupid. Does that mean he’s naughty?

The Bar – A story about how parents don’t always behave the way they want to.

Christmas – A book about not dividing children into good and naughty.