Text:  Olena Michajłowa-Odina

Illustrations:  Ludmiła Nikorych



36 pages


16,7 x 24,5 cm



The authors want Ukraine not to be associated, as unfortunately at the moment, with war, but with a rich culture, long history, and wonderful nature. Together, they prepared a book that shows important places, customs, legends, and landscapes of their country.

On February 24, Lyudmila Nikorych was awakened by sirens that marked the beginning of the war. She understood that her life would not be the same as before, full of family matters, breakneck deadlines at work, and disputes with friends… She realized immediately that she had to leave home because it would be too dangerous in Kyiv. She packed only the most necessary things and left with her daughter, mother-in-law, and cat Kuskus. They managed to get to Lviv, and then through Slovakia to Olsztyn, where their Polish friends gave them accommodation, warmth, and support.