Text: Adam Wajrak

Illustrations: Mariusz Andryszczyk




100 pages


16,5 x 21,6  cm




Nomination for The Best Book 2017 by IBBY Polish section


“Every dog dreams of being with a human being, and many people dream of meeting a dog. Sometimes an accidental meeting is just enough, and sometimes you have to look around a bit”.

Adam Wajrak

Lolek was not lucky. As a puppy, he ended up in the home of a bad man who forgot to feed him, and when he felt like it, he was able to give the dog a good kick. Dogs are extremely faithful, but when something cruel happens that threatens their life, they can find strength, break off the chain and run away. Lolek’s escape took place during an extremely cold winter, but the dog did not give up …

This is a story about a dog that found its true and loving home after some trials. A wise, charming, touching, and sometimes sad story about a mongrel who suffered a lot, but eventually found happiness.

The author tells us about respect for animals (dogs in this case) and what they can give to humans in return. Lolek is his dog.

Thi book is for young and old, and especially for those who have already found their pet or it has found them.