Text: Karolina Oponowicz

Illustrations: Joanna Rzezak


176 pages


19 x 24,5 cm




Finalist of Ferdinand the Great Award 2016 by Cracow, The UNESCO City of Literature

What does God look like? What does it take to become a lama? Can you be a little bit in heaven and a little bit in hell? What do angels need wings for? Why do you enter a mosque barefoot? What day of the year do Jewish children like best?

Followers of different religions live side by side and often know little about each other. And even if they are curious about each other, they are ashamed to ask.

The author, with the help of children, asks questions to representatives of six religions: Judaism, Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Protestantism, Islam, and Buddhism. They talk about their beliefs, how they live, how they celebrate, where they pray and what will happen after death.

In addition to issues related to specific religions, there are also completely universal topics: mercy, liberation from suffering, loneliness, meditation, conscience, exceeding the limits of imagination, the bonus for being a good person, experiencing enlightenment, getting rid of „emotional stains”, counting time, rejecting extremes, consent to doubt, and forgiveness.