Text: Wojciech Mikołuszko

Illustrations: Joanna Rzezak




128 pages


21 x 26,5 cm



In the past, they conquered the peaks of extinct volcanoes, discovered the remains of ancient animals, and made their way through the jungle full of mystery.

Today, they are documenting virgin nature and are fighting to protect it.

Meet the explorers of wild nature for whom exploring it became the adventure of their lives! Can it also become yours?

The remarkable people you will read about in this book lived in different eras and corners of the world. They differ a lot, but they share a passion for nature. Eight hundred years ago, St. Francis preached to birds and made friends with animals. Alexander von Humboldt, discovered while climbing the wild mountains, that in the world of nature everything is interconnected, and the violation of this balance leads to a catastrophe that the teenage Greta Thunberg warns of, speaking to politicians in the fight for the certainty of our planet. Like the famous naturalist Sir David Attenborough, whose films are watched by millions of viewers around the world. Throughout the pages of this wonderfully illustrated book, you will find many fascinating figures who have tied their lives with nature, such as the researcher of chimpanzees Jane Goodall, poet and biologist Urszula Zajączkowska, the musician David Rothenberg who played the clarinet with whales, he wildlife photographer Iwa Momatiuk, the naturalist Charles Darwin, the painter Henri Rousseau, or the philosopher Henry David Thoreau who lived in the forest…

These are twenty stories of people living in different places, at different times, with different professions and abilities. What they have in common is that nature is their passion and inspiration. Young readers will find here inspiration to experience their own adventures: with a backpack, camera, brush, microscope, and notebook.