Text:  Gérard Moncomble

Illustrations:  Paweł Pawlak



32 pages


29,5 x 22 cm


Rights sold: France, Germany



Patch and Minx live next door to each other. They could be friends, but there’s no way!

Patch is a cat and Minx is a dog. Minx always chases the moggy.

Why do they do it? No one knows for sure. The dog and the cat don’t – that’s just how things are.

Max goes to school, Patch would like to go too. He’d love to. But Mrs Smallbone, the headmistress, refuses to agree.

“A cat at this respectable academy? Over my dead body! Dogs and those rascally cats in one class will never do. My school is only for dogs because cats can’t count to two!”.

But Patch is stubborn. A school for dogs only? What to do? Read the fairy tale about a cat that wagged its tail and you will see how ingenious Patch became a dog.

You will learn why you should not be prejudiced against those who seem different from us.