Text:  Dominika Gałka

Illustrations:  Joanna Kłos



64 pages


16,8 x 22 cm



English translation sample available.


How many times have we judged someone by the first impression ?!

This story shows how often fear or loneliness hides behind snarkiness or teasing! It teaches respect for the elderly and shows how important good relations with neighbors are! Who knows? Perhaps after reading it, it will turn out that your neighbor, who has aroused mixed feelings in you for years, will suddenly become your friend?

Summer. Time for waffles, ice cream, playing outside, and sleeping until late. Kate is happy – who doesn’t like holidays?! There is only one small problem – a barking monster named Fly in which one can hardly recognize a dog. The dog is followed by Bogey Mandy – the fright of children from the neighborhood. Everyone avoids her, especially and Kate and Lucas.
Kasia and her parents knew perfectly well that if they did not want to expose themselves to Miss Mandy, they had to be quiet. Shouting or watching TV loudly irritated the old lady, which immediately resulted in tapping on the ceiling or a resentful visit. Miss Mandy also didn’t like when the children made noise in the stairwell or played hide and seek under the windows of her apartment.
All this caused the children to call the old woman Bogey Mandy and bad fame combined with a difficult character make everyone prefer to stay away from her.

When Baba Jadzia became seriously ill, despite earlier misunderstandings, she could count on the help of her neighbors. It quickly turns out that a moment of conversation is enough to find out how true the proverb „The devil’s not so black as he is painted”!

This story is a great proof of how important it is to talk to each other. After all, many problems are caused by simple misunderstandings, and a moment of conversation may turn out to be the best solution in such situations!