Text:  Anna Onichimowska

Illustrations:  Maciej Szymanowicz



72 pages


17 x 22 cm





There is nothing more enjoyable than a wander, except returns. It’s great to leave and it’s wonderful to come back. Traveling is not meant to be easy, just interesting! Not only Ear with Fur are convinced of this, but also the Elephant, Dyzio, and the Princess.

Imagine putting a cat, a dog, an elephant, a cuckoo clock, a princess, a sailor, a bunch of bullies, a fryer, a pony, a police car, and a dolphin in one bag. Then you shake it and while you wait for the effect you play the saxophone and – bang! – the book is ready. A nice book. A little bit crazy, a little bit funny.

Anna Onichimowska knows no fear – she mixes everything and – to the surprise of the readers – creates… a cake with a cherry (the icing was added by the illustrator – Maciej Szymanowicz).

Serve yourselves, enjoy reading!

After reading, I licked the plate.

Joanna Olech, writer and literary critic.