Text: Magdalena Kulus

Illustrations: Marta Kurczewska



56 pages


17 x 22 cm





„Raptus was not one of those dogs who you smack with delight over. He had short paws, a long face, and quite a big belly, because his favorite sport was mainly couch runs.

Children seen on walks extended their hands to golden retrievers, pitch black, slender Labradors or small, funny Yorkies with bows pinned on their heads, and not to Raptus, who, although he had a sharp, friendly look, barked loudly, discouraging potential new friends.

However, there were also those who saw in Raptus a beautiful representative of his breed – the wirehaired dachshund, his springy tail, shiny coat, and wavy, long ears, undoubtedly were adding him charm.

But he was most beautifully perceived by Halinka – the old lady with whom he lived from birth, his companion, friend, and the greatest love of his life.