Text:  Grzegorz Kasdepke

Illustrations:  Paulina Wyrt



56 pages


17 x 22 cm





An unusual, playful, touching, and wise story about childhood dreams and their fulfillment, sometimes with some sacrifices.

It’s also about longing for a true friend and rejection by peers. It also deals with the topic of divorced parents and building a new relationship with a stepfather and finding a place for a child in this situation.

Kornel is eight years old and has always wanted a dog. Unfortunately, his stepfather Witek doesn’t want to accept the presence of the pet in their apartment. He claims that the boy will not fulfill his obligations. However, when one day, after returning from school, Kornel sees a large basket at home he feels happy. He does not expect to find something completely different inside… a dog leash.

When Kornel takes it out of the basket, he is sure that this is another of his stepfather’s unusual parenting methods. Witek tells the boy that if he akes the dog leash on a walk on a regular basis for three months, they will get back to the conversation about Kornel’s dream before Christmas. Will the boy cope with the challenge?

So Kornel gets up every morning to walk, regardless of the time and weather, a dog leash, and to make these somewhat strange duties a little more pleasant, the boy decides to name  Twig his imaginary pet. He’s often accompanied by his older neighbor, Mr. Marianek, who will soon become his close friend.