Text: Małgorzata Strękowska – Zaręba

Illustrations: Daniel de Latour



240 pages


14 x 19,2 cm

(Nasza Księgarnia)

Rights sold: Italy, Slovakia

English sample available!


Here translation rights available for Spain an Spanish-language territories.



Incuded in  The White Ravens 2018 list

Resultado de imagen de najlepsza książka dziecięca przecinek i kropka 2017

Best Polish children book 2017 at Przecinek i Kropka Festival

Resultado de imagen de ibby 2017 nominacje

Literary distinction at Book of the Year 2017 by IBBY (Polish section)


Shortlisted to the 57th competition of Polish Publishers Association – the most beautiful book of the year
Shortlisted to the 25th Kornel Makuszyński literary competition award
Shortlisted to the 1th Warsaw Literary Award competition
Shortlisted to the Dobre Strony competition 2017


A book which combines artistic value with an important social message.

Some houses have secrets. And they will do everything to keep them secret.

In her latest book, Małgorzata Strękowska-Zaremba touches upon subjectsthat are difficult to speak about, yet also hard to stay quiet about.

When Daniel meets Mary, a strange girl with eyes like two shining mirrors, he is able to tell straight away that it’s the beginning of an amazing story. His new friend hides in the bushes and watches a house on the other side of the street – something that seemingly looks like an ordinary, even boring, game. Except she’s dead serious about it. What’s more, she’s petrified. When Daniel begins to take a closer look at whatever has scared her so much,
he discovers things that are hard to understand, or even ominous, in a house that, on the face of it, looks ordinary. He feels intrigued and decides to help Mary solve the mystery.

But will the house out of this world let Daniel and Mary tear the secret away from it?


Resultado de imagen de dom nie z tej ziemi



Resultado de imagen de dom nie z tej ziemi