Text: Zuzanna Kiesielewska

Illustrations: Jurek Gruchot, Wojtek Koss



128 pages


22,2 x 25 cm

(Druga Noga)

Rights sold: Korea, Czech Republic



Imagen relacionada Honourable mention for illustrations at Ibby Award (Polish section) for Best Book 2015.



Do you need to hear to enjoy music? When was the first musical hit created? Why do sad songs make us feel better?

The book is a brimming with unexpected questions and equally surprising answers.  It explains in a funny and witty way music as seen by science, psychology, sociology and culture. Making sure the reader is never bored, yet unaware of the in-depth knowledge it presents.

Musical theory and history in pictures! Zuzanna Kisielewska’s accessible, visually appealing book, illustrated by Jerzy Gruchot and Wojciech Koss, tells us about ancient and contemporary sounds, the first mammoth-ivory instruments, and the oldest musical notation from over 3000 years ago.

We also find medieval sheet music, musical experiments, curiosities and riddles. Do you know how the oldest musical hit was created, what we have in common with nightingales, or why songs work as antidepressants? This book is definitely worth a look.


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