Text:  Anna Czerwińska-Rydel

Illustrations: Monika Haulak, Małgorzata Gurowska



52 pages


23 x 28 cm


Rights sold: France

French translation available!


Here’s The Allegri family. We can observe them in their everyday life. They have dinner, they plan holidays, they spend their time together. But they do things in their own way, in own rhythm.

The book opens to children the world of melodies and rhythms, explains the concepts related to music and shows that sounds can be found everywhere.

Reading What do I here here? is a good way to interest children with sounds and a pleasant introduction to music education.

The author of the book found a smart way to explore and define Italian expressions like forte, legato, marcato, piano… and many more.


Resultado de imagen de co słychac wytwórnia