Text:  Joanna Łozińska

Illustrations:  Maciej Blaźniak



126 pages

23 x 32 cm




English sample available!


Fascinating, because not an encyclopedic one, just a well-balanced and full of anecdotes story about different cities of the world.

There are large, flourishing metropolises and deserted cities in the world, there are places on the slopes of mountains, in the desert, and even on the water …

In some places, people feel great because they are friendly and safe, in other cities people run away from others. 

We tell not only about their history and architecture but also about unknown facts that affected the fate of their inhabitants. Each story is at the same time an expedition into the unknown, towards the sources of our civilization, its achievements, and failures.

41 cities from the Asian Beirut, through the African Timbuktu, to Bodie, the American ghost town.

Joanna Łozińska presents „urbanity” in various ways, not avoiding the urgent problems of modern times, such as smog or war in Syria.

For a change, Maciek Blaźniak in his illustrations is very consistent. His works, very geometric and narrative at the same time, look like an independent computer game. It would be nice to see them moving!