Text & Illustrations: Katarzyna Bogucka



48 pages


22 x 22 cm



The book “Grandpa the Gardener and his Plot” praises values alternative to modern consumerism – simplicity, living in accordance with nature and respect for the surrounding world, and elderly people who can teach us a lot about this world.

This is a story of Grandpa the Gardener who takes his bike to his gardening plot each morning leaving the city clamor behind. When he gets there he takes out a key and opens the gate to his little garden – a world of nature, silence, and peace. The gate is a symbol of moving from the city jungle into a magical world of nature.

The book shows the whole multigenerational family helping him with gardening. Everyone – both the youngest and oldest – has a task. After the work is finished the whole family sits at a table to try the fruit and vegetables they have grown and collected and the preserves they have prepared.

The book has recipes for preserves, ideas for creating a garden on a balcony, and some gardening tips. There are so many interesting aspects to the plot, such as the watering hose, gardening tools scattered around in the shed. Living in a city we really miss nature – forests, meadows, lakes or the sea. Learn how you can invite nature to your house.


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