Text: Renata Piątkowska

Illustrations: Joanna Rusinek & Magdalena Pilch



56 pages


14,8 x 21 cm




„Simply Mom” is a collection of seven stories in which we will learn about various dimensions of motherhood. Each mother described is completely different, but they never give up and always bravely fight for the well-being and happiness of their children.

It’s a unique book not only because it is dedicated to unique people – mothers. It is based on true stories showing a mother’s devotion and the warmth of a heart in which a child can warm itself. You will see that the mother can hike alone to the mountains to find her missing son. She will stand in front of the stage to cheer and chase away stage fright, and she will spend weeks at the bedside of a sick child, she won’t sleep, but she won’t say a word of complaint. Moreover, he will not believe the teacher when he decides that the child „will become nothing. ” There is so much strength in a seemingly ordinary woman. Mother.

While in „Simply Dad” you will learn the stories of various fathers. Fathers who can pull their child out of a collapsed building, work almost beyond their strength to provide for their children or gain authority from them – so much so that their children proudly call them superheroes.

Fathers often remain in the shadow, distancing themselves from the family and engaging in work or other responsibilities. Many fathers are unable to show emotions to their children because they were raised this way. This book breaks stereotypes, broadens horizons and, above all, offers the youngest and their Dads a book to read together and to become even closer to each other.