Text: Anna Skowrońska

Illustrations: Anna Megerová



56 pages


20,5 x 27,3 cm




There are millions of streets in the world.

Some are very steep, others flat. Some are wide, others are extremely narrow.

They are noisy or quiet, clean or dirty… It’s hard to find two alike.

We walk on them every day or stand in traffic jams. Sometimes we celebrate or protest. What are the streets of the world like? What do they say about their inhabitants?

Thanks to this book, you will learn about various places, histories and customs. You will learn where the names Broadway, Nowy Świat and Safdarjung come from.

You will see why in some cities the names of avenues, boulevards and alleys change.

You will read about a campaign that was intended to show how much women are missing from Parisian street names.

You will travel back in time to walk along the Processional Avenue in Babylon, the sacred road of ancient Rome and the streets of Jewish Lublin.

You will join the celebrations in Pamplona or Nuuk, or watch large protests in Minsk, Tehran or India.