Text: Karolina Lewestam

Illustrations: Mariusz Andryszczyk


336 pages

Paperback with flaps

14 x 20 cm




This books will warm even the stiffest of hearts!

The eternal harmony has been disturbed. The only hope to save the world of Aurea Borealis is a completely ordinary boy.

In a frosty land over which two moons shine, people and animals have lived in friendship for centuries. However, recently disturbing things have started to happen. It’s getting colder, snow cows are moulting, there are no fish in the lakes and sea, and evil lurks under the ice. And the worst thing is that Aurea Borealis… is dying.

Eleven-year-old Ari goes on a long, dangerous journey. Before he discovers a dark secret, he will meet new friends and experience something that will change his life forever.

Only she can save her loved ones. Only she can discover how to stop evil. Kutik only needs to go to the edge of the world…

Guardian of the Pearl

In the frosty world of Aurora Borealis and Two Moons, where people and animals speak with one voice, something bad is happening again. Mysterious white birds attack the inhabitants of Tlate Hiin, and their victims fall into a strange coma. To obtain the antidote, Kutik will make a long journey to Aralin, the famous city of fortune tellers.

Will the wise men agree to accept a stranger girl as an apprentice? Will the panther who insists on accompanying her prevent this? Kutik will live an adventure of her lifetime, full of dangers and challenges. But she will survive it with the help of new, surprising allies…