Text: Róża Hajkuś

Illustrations:  Paweł Gierliński


105 pages


20 x 22,5 cm



Hello! Let us introduce ourselves ― we are your internal organs. It’s nice to finally meet you because even though we have been with you forever, you don’t see us every day. We reside in your body ― hmm, that’s probably why we are called internal… But we not only reside! We also work, to ensure that your body functions properly. Your well-being is our priority!

Which one of us is the most important? Róża Hajkuś, a paediatrician (that’s a doctor who takes care of children) was asked the same question was asked by her son. Instead of answering, Róża wrote a book about it. You’re holding it in your hands right now. You will learn from it the names and functions of the organs in your body, what each of them is responsible for, and what happens when, for some reason, their functioning is not normal.

You will also find our portraits in the book ― we are wonderful!