Text & Illustrations: Anna Mietelska



192 pages

Hard cover

16,5 x 21,5  cm 

(Nasza Księgarnia)



The Grandoyal Hotel towers over the Green Valley, an area inhabited and fursts. It’s an unusual place. Whoever steps over its threshold and drinks a glass of home-made barberry juice at the behest of the hotel owner, Mr Wilkinson, will feel very much at home. And perhaps will never want to leave!

The hotel residents take their days slowly. Everyone does whatever they feel like. Some dance, others go on a long and seemingly aimless mountain hikes, some paint ceramic teapots and cook extravagant meals… or simply go about their business and keep it a secret.
But nothing is forever.

One morning the arrival of a guest disturbs the peace of the residents: it’s Mr Teddy, a self-taught astronomer and the great-grandson of Lord Berlington, who claims that the Green Valley (and perhaps the wider world) is threatened by doom. What kind of doom remains unclear. Can it be prevented? This is even more unclear, but we mustn’t stop trying! It looks like the entire world’s fate rests in very small paws…