Text: Justyna Bednarek

Illustrations: Katarzyna Palus



96 pages


17 x 21 cm





Kate, Peter, and Max live with their mother on the first floor of an old tenement house. It’s a family like many others. They have their daily rituals, joys, and sorrows. Mom’s friend, Elwira (they can always count on her), lives on the ground floor, as well as the elderly Mrs Walczyńska. There is also a girl who has been sitting on the stairs for some time, sad and lonely. The narrator of this story, Kate, sees in their ordinary life what is not visible at first glance. As a result, we see a world where a mother can turn into a butterfly and fight dragons, the children bathe in the Moon Lake, a bear visits them regularly and everyone likes kohlrabi stuffed with ice cream.

„Some time ago I wanted to get a tattoo. My daughter found on Instagram a fantastic tattoo artist, Kasia Palus. I fell in love with her drawings, full of wonderful feminine energy. I especially liked the cheerful duck and ordered one. In the end, I chickened out and gave up on the tattoo, but in the process, I found out that Kasia dreamed of illustrating a book for children. I thought, “Why not? Her drawings are so beautiful!” And then suddenly, as it happens only in fairy tales, the whole story „exploded” in my head – about the great power of love, friendship, and imagination. About the power of women.”

Justyna Bednarek