Text: Agnieszka Kacprzyk

Illustrations: Aleksandra Kucharsa-Cybuch


72 pages


22 x 20 cm





Hania and Hektor, the characters of this book, struggle with their parents’ decision to separate. Fortunately, quite by accident, they end up in the Museum of Love, a place where, step by step, they get used to the new situation. Thanks to their guide they understand that adults are not infallible and that they learn to love maturely throughout their lives.

While walking through the museum’s chambers with the siblings, readers will find a place for good memories and difficult emotions. They have a chance to see how difficult adulthood can be and that a family – even one divided into two houses – is always built on the foundation of love for the child.

We believe that this journey will help children accept the new situation and open up to a family model in which each parent separately sets out to seek happiness.