Text & Illustrations:  Paweł Pawlak



48 pages


25 x 29 cm




A book-journey full of stories that children can tell themselves.

About the city by the river, about Sophie looking out the window and about candy-floss on a stick. About a cat that did what it had to do, about a lost sheep, and about ships under bridges. About golden palaces by the water, about a lonely rock in the middle of a rough sea, and about blue tigers in a tropical forest. About the clouds that surround the Earth, about the characters who live in them, about their charming and steaming souls.

There are not many words in this book, and it is the images that tell the events. The author trusts in the imagination of little readers and he believes that each of them will find their own story in the pictures.

Maybe they will tell even more stories than the author imagined?

Let the children see them all. And if an adult has problems with reading this story, they should ask children for help.