Text: Agata Loth-Ignaciuk

llustrations: Berenika Kołomycka



28 pages


16,5 x 21,5 cm


Rights sold: English world


Rights sold: English world


Mika and The Gurgler 

Books that help to overcome fears!


An encounter with something that is not yet fully understood and tamed can be a source of anxiety for children. The world behind the door of your room is full of surprises and strange, extremely dangerous households. Sometimes they roar and suck everything around, sometimes they breathe cold, or they chew and chew for hours what falls into their mouths. They growl, boom, and roar all over the apartment.


„Mika and The Howler” 

How long can you lie and be bored in bed? Well, not very long. So Mika decides to leave her bedroom. It gets dangerous when she meets The Howler. Fortunately, Mika can count on her friends. Everything is easy with them, even defeating the most terrible domestic creature.





„Mika and the Gurgler” 

While wandering around the house Mika, the frog, and the worm discover lots of new places and mysterious creatures. When they meet a gurgler, the fun trip unexpectedly turns into a dangerous adventure. It turns out that not everything that goes round and round like a merry-go-round is meant to be played with…  Fortunately, everyone manages to get out of trouble.