Text: Jola Richter-Magnuszewska

Illustrations: Joanna Wajs




 48 pages


24 x 32 cm

(Nasza Księgarnia)



Here, the translation rights are available only for Spain.


This magical, mysterious book presents more than fifty animals and their role in myths, and legends. The traditional stories from around the world show their importance to human and divine lives and immerse the reader into the bewildering world of folk tales.
The imagination of ancient peoples was largely populated by animals – close as a mother and father and, at the same time, as mysterious as fire, ocean, and lightning. They taught people compassion, courage, and justice, and also respect
for every living being. Under the impermeable cloak of myth and fairy tale, they bridged the heavens and the earth and passed on the truth about the shared fate of all beings, about the changing of the seasons, as well as about joy and pain, life and death.