Text & Illustrations:  Tomasz Samojlik




64 pages


 16,5 x 23,5  cm

(Kultura Gniewu)

 English translation sample available SOON!



Rights available worldwide, except English-speaking territories.


Gierwald is a monster hunter. But not an ordinary one, oh no! He is a witcher – brought up in Kaer Frauer, an emotionless professional. Something is wrong, however, that some power obscures his mind and, against his will, has him kill the monsters and collect the mysterious aurergium they leave behind.

Jenifer is a witch who, at the right price, can do the impossible. The problem is that all her magic is based on the use of strange machines that she doesn’t understand. When their fuel – aurergium – runs out, the witch sets out on a mission to discover who or what is behind it.

Cataract is a bard who dreams of a hit song and fame. But what he should do when a girl from a completely different world falls from the sky instead of inspiration …

A lot of adventures, mysterious inventions, saving the world from an ecological catastrophe, and a pinch of humor. Welcome to the world of The Wutcher!