Text & Illustrations:  Justyna Styszyńska



28 pages


26 x 35 cm


Rights sold: France, Spain




Resultado de imagen de maria curie idol


IDOL is a series of educational workbooks for children which presents great people, men, and women from different countries and times, who have contributed to the evolution of mankind.

They are role models – intelligent, creative, and diligent – who through their work have a place in history. In this series we’ve already published: Maria Curie and Frida Kahlo, Nicolaus Copernicus and Pola Negri are to be issued soon.

This is an educational book – it is so much easier to remember information by doing some activities.

In those workbooks, children make their own experiences, can color, draw, play with stickers, seek differences, search and find and many others activities. In the well-known scheme of the workbook, there are put not unobvious content – it is difficult to imagine a better-realized teaching goal of learning through play and playing through science. It is much easier to absorb the information while doing some practical exercises, regardless of whether it relates to art, physics, or history.

The activities are accompanied by the text about the Idol’s life and achievements. This is a perfect way for children to spend time and introduce them to science, art, discoveries and the knowledge they gain will be used in the next education steps.








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