Text & Illustrations: Tomasz Samojlik



31 pages


16,5 x 24 cm

(Tomasz Samojlik)

 English translation sample available!



Earth does not want to become another dead planet in the universe.
Unfortunately, people seem to be doing whatever it takes to achieve this very result. Are they all? Or maybe there will be someone who will come to the rescue of Mother Earth?

All scientific predictions point to the need to change the way we treat our planet as soon as possible – if we don’t, the consequences will be dire.

The protagonists are asked in their dreams for help from the personification of our planet – Mother Earth. She argues that even small changes in everyday life can contribute to improving the prospects for the future. Children, with great enthusiasm and knowledge from the school library, decide to go to the rescue of Mother Earth. Will they be able to convince others to do the same?

Apart from the comic book, the readers will find here some activities related to the ecological approach to everyday life – saving water and energy, segregating rubbish, or even choosing the least environmentally harmful means of transport.







Tomasz Samojlik is a doctor of biological sciences at the Mammal Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Białowieża, and the author and illustrator of over forty books and comics for children and adolescents.