Text:  Agnieszka Kacprzyk

Illustrations:  Marianna Sztyma


Skąd jestem?


48 pages


27 x 17 cm


Rights sold: Spanish world, Catalan

English translation available.


Special mention in The Most Beautiful Book of 2020 by Polish Association of Book Editors.


Children ask lots of questions and adults give more or less accurate answers. The most inquisitive questions often relate to corporeality, sexuality and procreation, and one of the most important – Where do I come from? – often comes from a child at a very early age. This simple question still embarrasses parents, and othe adults who often don’t answer the truth.

In many countries  the topic of procreation and naming parts of the body that are involved in the act of conception are still kind of taboo.

The authors of this book suggest how to talk with children about conception and birth. The text is accompanied by beautiful colorful illustrations by Marianna Sztyma.


Skąd jestem?