Text: Małgorzata Swędrowska

Illustrations: Joanna Bartosik



48 pages


20 x 20 cm


Rights sold: Korean, Galician





Grandma in sneakers, Grandpa in swimming trunks.

Grandma likes a pearl, Grandpa like a shell.

They have their passions, dreams, joys, and worries. They are in their prime, but in their hearts, they are always young – and in love with their grandchildren.

After „My mother, my dad”, the duo Małgorzata Swędrowska and Joanna Bartosik portray grandmothers and grandparents with tenderness and attention.

We read simple sentences, interpret illustrations and look for details of our own experiences.

The second perspective is for grandparents who define their relation with grandchildren in all shades of emotions.

It undermines her/his competencies, enjoys successes, strives for excellence.