Text & Illustrations:  Marianna Oklejak



64 pages


24 x 27 cm



Nomination for The Best Book of 2023 by IBBY Polish section – picture book category.

Swallows – birds of freedom, bringers of good news, heralds of a new beginning, and bearers of a happy return.

These resilient travellers cover tens of thousands of kilometres every year from the southern to the northern hemisphere and back. Wherever they arrive, they bring spring and joy… along with tales heard on their journey – as colourful as butterflies.

They build their nests under the eaves and by the windows, always close to people. They observe and listen. They know well that, although we are very different, living in different cultures, scattered across the globe, in reality, much connects us.

Listen to the stories of swallows. Visit with them the farthest and quiet nearby corners of the world, unravelling puzzles hidden on fantastically colourful pages. It will be an extraordinary adventure!”