Text: Joanna Guszta

Illustrations:  Przemek Liput



40 pages

23 x 28 cm





Must have Award 2021  by the Łódź Design Festival;

Wise Book of the Year 2020 (a literary award for the best popular science book published in Polish, awarded by the Jagiellonian University);

Polish Graphic Design Awards 2020 – distinction for illustrations

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A monstrous story about a friendly urban space…

Wait a moment! Who is the real monster here?

The city looks monstrous. Monster is an expert on cities. When it appears in Miastoszewo, the inhabitants start to understand a lot. But who will eat whom in the finale of this story?

Read the book, and perhaps you will find your cities and monsters in it, and even learn something new about them. Accessible language and attractive illustrations, whose common denominator is humour, show children that everyone is responsible for their city and can influence whether it is a friendly and pretty space.

We teach the basics of aesthetics and community with a fun story and very simple rules summarized at the end of the book.