Text: Katarzyna Wasilkowska

Illustrations:  Maciej Szymanowicz



40 pages


19,5 x 24 cm




Nomination for The Best Book of 2023 by IBBY Polish section – literary category


Richie is seven years old and watches over the city. He puts on his superhero outfit: a hat, a blazer, and shoes, and with a cane in hand, he sets out to perform a specific mission.

Once, before his grandfather disappeared, they used to wander in the city together every day. They distributed 'trifles,’ kind words, smiles, and goodwill, and people carried them further, making the city air cleaner.

Now, Richie reminisces about all those joint outings, disguises, and covert operations and tries to continue them on his own. One could say that Richie is a good spirit of the city.

A reflective, yet very amusing story about a friendship that never fades.