Text: Malina Prześluga

Illustrations: Robert Romanowicz



24 pages








Lenio dresses up by himself

Lenio uses the toilet


Although Lenio has a tail and long, protruding ears, and he lives far away – on the joyful Deli Meli Hill – he is not much different from a child.

He also wants to discover the world, learn new things, have fun with his parents and friends. And just like every child, one moment he squeezes mum’s hand tightly, and the other tries to do everything by himself. He wants to be small and big at the same time. And it’s not that simple!
These books are designed to make the child aware that learning the activities necessary in life does not have to be boring or scary!

Malina Prześluga offers a few simple, amusingly described operating instructions for a little rebel. The parents can learn in an unobtrusive but simple way how to overcome their reluctance or unjustified fear towards certain duties.