Text: Madlena Szeliga

Illustrations: Eva  Gómez Sánchez




160 pages


17,5 x 25 cm




This book was written after years of observing various cats, discussing with cats, failed attempts to raise cats into polite kittens, loving cats, and chasing them from the pillow. My first cat, Frog, taught me a lot, for example not to make too early judgments. The next ones taught me equally useful truths of life, and without them, I would undoubtedly not be who I am today.

The story described here makes you reflect on what it means to be yourself. Embark on this adventure with Trombone, and meet many urban, domestic, and wild animals, each one of a kind.

You’ll also get to know a few nooks and crannies of Krakow, but from a slightly different perspective than a human one. Ah! And you’ll discover what the pigeons think about.