Text: Katarzyna Ryrych

Ilustrations:  Marianna Sztyma



168 pages


15,5 x 22 cm



Nomination for The Best Book of 2023 by IBBY Polish section – literary book category.


There is a place that you will not find on a map, that no geography teacher has ever heard of, and that can be reached without a compass.

This place is the land of the imagination. Surely you have been there more than once.
When Mrs D comes home, the whole world loses its colour and you just want to leave the house and
go. Anywhere. Even to a park, despite the late hour.
At dusk, everything becomes, spooky and you can get lost in a familiar place. If it weren’t for the cat Marcjanna Linette might not have returned to her flat, where Mrs Dreigns as if she were at home, and Linette would not have discovered the mouse city. There she finds friends and meets a mysterious boy who has no desire to be friends with anyone.

This is a metaphorical, nostalgic story about depression, which also affects children by tormenting
their parents. Reality mixes here with the world of imagination, in which a little girl seeks to escape

Despite the sensitive subject, the reader will smile more than once.