Text: Madlena Prześluga

Illustrations: Roman Romanowicz


64 or 40 pages


15 x 21 cm



The Best Book of 2013 by IBBY Polish section –literary category.

New edition:  Short stories about Susie who has one grey eye and the other green, so she looks at the world a little differently. She has an older sister, Kika, whom she sometimes envies, e.g. that she can wear a bra. Of course, she has nice parents and a best friend Mathew.

Besides, she has a lot of good ideas that come to her straight from her belly button (because it has to be used for something too). And she’s never bored. Because how can you be bored when you have to look for a bunch of escaping bugs hiding in puddles? And the carrot, as soon as you draw its eyes with a marker, organizes a trip to the Kingdom of Peas and Cabbage?


In the 1ts book, Susie goes to sleep. Or at least that’s what she has planned, but thanks to Carrot Nataly, instead of going to bed, she ends up in the mysterious, cold Kingdom of Peas and Cabbage, where she is greeted by completely unusual courtiers. It will be both fun and dangerous, but definitely not boring!

In „Susie and Something Unusual” the girl is constantly bursting with ideas (really, that belly button is very capacious) into which she draws others. One day she becomes invisible, the next she and Mathe can act out a real horror movie at home. Susie has many valuable features and talents, e.g. she can play the flute and talk to the wardrobe. She also knows how to pack well for a trip to her grandmother, who was once an opera singer and has a lot of wonderful clothes that are perfect for pretending to be a princess.

In „Susie has the House on her Shoulders” our heroine loses her position as the youngest in the family when a little brother appears, whose name is „probably Stan” because everyone calls him Peanut anyway. Susie becomes more and more aware of „adult” problems and confronts them as best she can. So not only does she find herself in the role of a middle sister, but also, for example, a mediator in a conflict situation between parents who are tired of their new responsibilities. She must decide whether she wants to go to school, but also get used to the role of… her boyfriend’s girlfriend…